The Adrenaline Junkie

It’s a question I think about often; would I accept a date to Alton Towers? Yes. The answer is always yes. Alton Towers is one of my favourite places and is home to my favourite food – the crappy hotdog. You can’t beat eating a plastic hotdog with watered down ketchup that drips all over … The Adrenaline Junkie

Who is Elodie Mae??

I’m sure nobody’s asked, but it’s something that I think about constantly. Who is Elodie? What does she like? What is her dream date? I suppose that I need to start with what I do for fun. I have a lot of baths, I play with my kittens (read: kittens parkour over me…), I sit … Who is Elodie Mae??

The Real Girlfriend Experience

When you see GFE on a companion’s website, I’m sure you have different ideas running around your mind which is why I offer two distinct experiences (and everything in between!) The Anniversary Dinner and The Night In. Whether you’re after the full works of getting dressed up with sexy lingerie, or you want something a … The Real Girlfriend Experience