Welcome to Ellie’s World

Written by Elodie Mae Carter

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I decided to take a grown-up job which meant I couldn’t give my time to being Elodie, but good news! I’m back!

I’m now a full-time student which means I can dedicate a couple of days to this hedonistic lifestyle. I’ll be available Thursday – Saturday will 24 hours’ notice, but I prefer a week’s notice to build up the anticipation.

Now I’m back, it’s all systems go. I’m only accepting dates over 90 minutes and will give priority to those who take me out for dinner or drinks (this student needs to let her hair down!).

My Style

My style is still playful and relaxed, but you can expect a bit more sophistication. I’ve found a new style that consists of neutral colours and cute dresses, but I’m still attached to my leather shorts and green dresses.

I’ve started quite a collection of Nike trainers which is rivaling my collection of heels, so you can decide which I’m wearing for our date.

Date Ideas

Stuck for date ideas? Don’t worry, I’ve started to curate a list of places I’d love to go to, so check it out here. Even though I have a list of places to see, I’m always excited to see what makes you smile. Fancy getting your butt kicked at bowling? Let’s go. Want to see a show? I’ll make sure to wear waterproof mascara because I always cry at the end of the theatre.

We don’t have to go out though, I’m also happy to snuggle up in bed with a film and room service.