Welcome to my hideaway.

Take a seat, have a cheeky look around, and let me show you a world you could only dream of

Hello handsome, I’m Elodie but you can call me Ellie if you’re very good.

Everyone says they are an exclusive, high-class companion but I am more than that. I am youthful, effervescent and voluptuous; my touch is light and playful, and my eyes sparkle as naughty thoughts excite me during our dinner date…

My lovers say that I make them feel young again, and one even sighed as he said I was the right girl at the wrong time. I like to take this as a compliment. Although this often means that I only see my lovers a handful of times, I know that I have done my job perfectly. One taste of me leaves you wanting more, but knowing that it would be dangerous to do so. Are you going to take the risk…?