Your hotel room phone rings. “Hi it’s Elodie. I’m downstairs in the bar, I’ve found us a snug booth in the back.”

You take a deep breath, checking yourself in the mirror and smoothing your hair. You’ve been looking forward to this date for almost two weeks. With a quick glance around the room, you grab the key card and head to the lift. On the way down to the ground floor, you check your reflection again and smile, excited about what could happen in the next couple of hours. You smile at the concierge and head to the bar, searching for the booths.

You see sleek tanned legs crossed at the knee, sticking out from underneath a table and realise with a thrill that it must be me. You take another deep breath as you walk towards the booth and place your hand on my shoulder…

I’m glad that you found my little corner of the internet where we indulge our fantasies and create our own world. Whether you’re after a social date to rekindle the sparkle in your eyes or a private date to forget your day-to-day stresses, we will create our own world of pleasure to escape to.

I have previously been told that I make people feel young again due to my playful nature, and I pride myself on making people feel comfortable. So whether you want me dressed for a quiet night in, or dressed up to the nines for a fancy dinner, I can be the perfect girlfriend.