The Girlfriend Experience

“Sometimes, a quickie just isn’t enough… Take your time, set the scene and let’s get lost in each other.”

The Anniversary Dinner

Your hotel room phone rings. “Hi it’s Elodie. I’m downstairs in the bar, I’ve found us a snug booth in the back.”

You take a deep breath, checking yourself in the mirror and smoothing your hair. You’ve been looking forward to this date for almost two weeks. With a quick glance around the room, you grab the key card and head to the lift. On the way down to the ground floor, you check your reflection again and smile, excited about what could happen in the next couple of hours. You smile at the concierge and head to the bar, searching for the booths.

You see sleek tanned legs crossed at the knee, sticking out from underneath a table and realise with a thrill that it must be me. You take another deep breath as you walk towards the booth and place your hand on my shoulder.

On the way to dinner, we snuggle in the back of the cab, sharing private jokes with butterflies in our stomachs. We reach the restaurant and raise a glass to our anniversary. With all intentions of eating our way through the menu, we can’t control ourselves. Footsie under the table, lip biting, I even send you a selfie when I go to the bathroom…

May I should be dessert…

The Quiet Night In

It’s been a long day and all you want to do is relax. You hear a knock at the door, I’ve forgotten my keys again… After an apologetic kiss, you step to the side and hold out your hand for my bag like the gent you are. I head through to the living room and sit on the sofa, slipping my shoes off and curling my legs underneath me. You stand in the doorway, smiling at me as I let my hair down and take a sip from your glass, daring you to say something.

You shake your head, smile, and sit next to me. We’ve already decided on the film and snuggle up, snacking on popcorn and sweets, but you can sense that something feels different. You look at me and I have a cheeky smile on my face, one eyebrow raised.

You know what that means…

The Day Out

You open the door to me in jeans and a snuggly coat, excitement all over my face for the days’ adventure. We’ve planned to go to the museum in town to visit my favourite painting and then on to somewhere for dinner, and you can see that I’m practically buzzing with excitement.

We get into the lift and make our way down to street level, a swift kiss as we exit. Holding hands, we make our way to the museum and I pull you towards my favourite painting, unable to hide my awe when I look at it. We wander around the gallery, planning which room we would put each painting in, until we decide that it’s time to eat. You’ve already decided where we’re going but have kept it a secret so I follow you excitedly. You’ve booked one of my dream restaurants! Could this date get any better??

Fed and entertained, we drift back to the hotel for a lazy afternoon between the sheets, room service lying on the floor ready to give us a much needed boost of energy…