The Real Girlfriend Experience

Written by Elodie Mae Carter

When you see GFE on a companion’s website, I’m sure you have different ideas running around your mind which is why I offer two distinct experiences (and everything in between!)

The Anniversary Dinner and The Night In.

Whether you’re after the full works of getting dressed up with sexy lingerie, or you want something a little more normal, I can’t wait to plan it out with you.

I like to think that I’m a good girlfriend, I bought my ex a share in his favourite football club AND the 12 disc boxset of his favourite film series (and watched 2 of them with him…) because I knew it would make him happy. That’s what I do for my dates too.

I want you to truly enjoy our time together, whether that’s because we’re trying out a restaurant you’ve had your eye on, or because we’re relaxing on the sofa watching films. Yes, I can do that too!

I wonder whether I can get a date that requires me to be in my Slytherin onesie to eat Dominos…