The Adrenaline Junkie

Written by Elodie Mae Carter

It’s a question I think about often; would I accept a date to Alton Towers?

Yes. The answer is always yes.

Alton Towers is one of my favourite places and is home to my favourite food – the crappy hotdog. You can’t beat eating a plastic hotdog with watered down ketchup that drips all over the place as you fight your way through the crowd to the next ride.

It’s also a good indicator of how you deal with stress. When I’m queueing for a ride, I’m as cool as a cucumber, but as we get closer to the front… It’s a different story. I get nervous, I start fidgeting, I even start to mutter under my breath that this was a stupid idea. As soon as I’m on the ride, my heart almost slows to its normal rhythm and the car starts to move.

My favourite ride is Air (it’s now called Galactica) because it feels like you’re flying.

As the harness comes down and your legs get encased in the foam restraints, I feel the stress leave my body. The seat tips you forward and you can spread your arms as if you’re flying. This is when I feel all the stress of life leave my body. I don’t have to support my own body, I don’t have to control anything and I can just close my eyes to breathe.

There are only a handful of rides I won’t go on, and you’ll have to hold my hand the whole time, but who knows? You might be able to persuade me to put on my big girl pants and go on Nemesis. Its name is no coincidence! I also can’t stand Rita. When I went on it last time, I was so scared that I stopped screaming. Who STOPS screaming when they’re scared??

Why not book us a trip and show me what you’re made of?